Top Web Page Maker That Will Help Your Business

Currently, businesses are going online to enable them to reach a wider audience and ramp up revenue generation. To the end of this, many utilize website development software. This is an app that enables them to ensure that website development is easily and efficiently done. Most especially beneficial to those that do not know programming languages, website development software makes the project a lot faster and easier.

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There is numerous website development software out there and one of them is Mobirise. What is Mobirise? How is this website development software beneficial to users? How is it used? Let us find the answers to these questions below.

What is Mobirise?

This is a web page maker developed by Mobirise. It allows users to create and design websites without the use of coding. Aside from being a drag and drop software, it features various themes. The platform’s features can be extended by adding extensions.

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Mobirise has released numerous versions of this website design app ranging from the first beta version 1.0 released in 2015 to the latest available beta version, 5.0.3, and available stable version, 4.11. Mobirise is available for both Window and Apple powered devices, PCs, and mobile phones. This web page maker is easy and awesome to use for website creation and development.



When it comes to using a website design tool that is easy to use, Mobirise is up to the task. Its use is very easy; just drag and drop themes onto blocks of a page, type texts, change colors, replace images, and check how easy the pages can be navigated before you preview and publish.

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Amazing Themes

There are over 70 readymade themes that you can choose to suit whatever website genre you are designing. All the themes have an awesome design that ensures your website looks easy on the eyes.

Free of Charge

One of the fantastic features that make Mobirise highly sought-after is that all of its features and use are free of cost. The templates, themes, and extensions can be used without paying a dime. However, there are premium themes and extensions for advanced website building that you can get at a fair price.


Tailoring every website for access via mobile, especially with smartphones, is a necessity today. Mobirise ensures that the website designed is compatible with mobile devices. With this web page maker, the design is previewed before publishing is done.

Useful Extensions

In case you do not find a particular in-built design element, Mobirise comes with extensions that enable you to integrate more features to your website. Extensions such as social feed, social comments, cookies alert, code editor, and various others are available for your use.

Bootstrap 4

This popular web page maker is designed on the latest Bootstrap version making it a highly sophisticated tool to easily create a functional and fantastic design with its edge-cutting frameworks. All the features found in Mobirise are based on this innovative technology.

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Hundreds of Design Blocks

To design an unrivaled website there are over a hundred design blocks that you can access. Whatever the website that you are designing, the availability of the block has got you covered.

How to Use Mobirise

Using the Mobirise is easy. First off, you need to visit the Mobirise homepage, download and install the app in seconds. The download is free. Upon download completion, open the website, and start dropping some web blocks from the right panel. Choose suitable templates, replace images and texts, titles, and more all in a single click.

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When you are done building a website you can preview it after which you publish by clicking on the publish button in the top right corner. There are three publishing options including saving your website to your computer local drive, upload your web page to Mobirise subdomain, upload it to GitHub Pages or transfer it to the hosting server via FTP.


Mobirise has all the features of an excellent web page maker compared to its contemporaries. It allows professionals and newbies to create professional-looking websites. In case you do not know a front-end programming language, Mobirise offers you a fast and easy route to realize your project. Its ease of use, free of cost, unlimited templates and themes, and various other features make it highly appealing to many website designers.

Mobirise is a unique and top-of-the-shelf product that can be ideal for e-commerce starters to utilize. Have you not started using Mobirise? It is time to download and start exploring.