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Video Lightbox

I added Vimeo video on my page with embedded video player. It displays a very small video in full screen mode.

Sep 03, 2012

Q: I for the last couple of months I have been building a new website for a client of mine, she has several videos across the web.
Everything was working fine, however at some point the videos that are on the Vimeo site are not displaying correctly in full screen mode, the first video at the top of the page for instance plays perfectly in its pop out window but when you expand the window to full screen mode, it displays a very small video centered on the page.

A: Actually, it's Vimeo's feature. Video couldn't be opened in full screen, if it has a bad quality. You need to enable "HD" option and video will be displayed correctly in full screen mode.
Unfortunately, we couldn't affect on Vimeo behavior.