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Problem with the aspect ratio in flash video embed

Nov 18, 2011

Q: I have a problem with the aspect ratio.
I have 'presrve aspect rarion' clicked, but my vertical images are cropped off.
If this button is unclicked, my images are stretched and distorted to fit the frame size.

I want to (a) preserve aspect ration; and (b) have both my vertical and horizontal images
fully and correctly displayed.

A: Actually it is possible to use both: vertical and horizontal orientated images.

You should:

1) specify slideshow size:

- open Gallery->Properties->Images: Image size,
- select size you need from the drop down list
or set your own size using 'Custom size' option.

2) turn on the following options:

Gallery->Properties->Images: Preserver aspect ratio

3) turn off:

Gallery->Properties->Images: Stretch small images
Gallery->Properties->Images: Shrink large images