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Video Lightbox

Flash video player doesn't allow to add MP4 file from my server

Oct 18, 2013

Q: We recently purchased your product under the mistaken assumption that you support .mp4. Your program claims it does but when we attempt to add the video from http://www.domain.com/video/custom.mp4 we get a "Video url is unsupported or invalid."

We cannot use the program as advertised .

A: Actually, VideoLightBox works correctly and support MP4 files as advertised.

VideoLightBox app. allows to add video Youtube, Facebook, Google Video, Metacafe, Vimeo, MySpace, yahoo! music, Veoh videos and local video files only. It's impossible to add videos from other hostings or servers.

You should add MP4 files as local files from your computer and then upload them on your server.