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Video Lightbox

Start video in jquery popup video player

Feb 05, 2013

Q: I am using Videolightbox 2.1 to stream video in a shadowbox and cannot get
my video to stream. It has to download the video completely before playing.

When this happened to me previously you advised me to use a utility called mp4MetadataMover0.9 to move the metadata to the front of the movie. But when
I do this with the current mp4 I am trying to display it renders the video unviewable - all I get is audio. Any tips?

A: Some video files have "control info" in the middle or at the end. So, they should be
pre-loaded (partly or completely) before will start the playing.

In your case file should be pre-loaded completely.

So, you can:

1) Convert your files into .flv or .mp4 format (use "mp4 quick start" option). Control
info will be moved in the beginning of file and video will start the playing immediately.

2) Add videos to VideoLightBox gallery from hostings (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). When you add video on hosting, file will be converted into suitable format (with control info in the
beginning of file) automatically. So, you'll not have problems with VideoLightBox gallery.