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The flash video popup states that the my site is not supported

Dec 13, 2011

Q: I started working with the program and it works like a charm.
I am using it for a fan site, and wanted to add an flv file offered on a news site.
However when I try to link it it is not working.

The software clearly states that the my site is not supported,
but the strange thing is that when I enter the url for the file it does work.

Any clues to what I might be doing wrong ?
I use the regular embed code, when using an flv code that is on a hard drive.

A: With <keyw id=0/> you can add Youtube, Google Video, Metacafe, Vimeo,
MySpace, Facebook, Veoh, Yahoo!Music videos and .flv, .f4v, . mp4, .m4v,.mov, .3gp, .3g2 and .swf local files.

You can add local video files to <keyw id=0/> gallery in 2 ways:

1. Use '<keyw id=1/> from file' or 'Add video from folder' option.

2. Or you can specify the path to video file on your local computer in the 'Video URL'
field, for example: D:\Video\non_cap_ch3_web.flv

Unfortunately you can not use other urls to add videos.