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Video Lightbox

How work "insert to page" option in javascript video popup?

Aug 01, 2013

Q: Dear support,

I send you the videolightbox file that keeps crashing when I try to add it to a page of html.
The page is very simple as it would not publish so I do not want to waste time changing the html without it publishing.
Please let me know why you think it is doing this? I am doing the same as what I always do and it usually works very well.

Many thanks for your help.

A: "Insert to Page" wizard allows to insert video gallery into existing .htm or .html page.
Please see how you should use it.

1. Click inside the page to select where you want your video gallery to appear.
You can see Page structure at the left side of editor window. It helps you to insert
VideoLightBox more accurately.
2. Click 'Insert after' button. Image "VideoLightBox Sample Gallery" will appear.
3. Click 'Publish' button.

Notice, there must be at least one visible element on this page.