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Video Lightbox

Can I install embed code for video on two computers?

Dec 23, 2013

Q: If I have downloaded the full versions of the VideoLightBox, for MAC and for PC both, can I install and register on 2 machines, one being MAC and the other PC, or must I instead install on only 1 type of machine.

Reason being, I have a studio which is separate from my main office, and I use PC at the office and Mac at the studio.

Will the same activation code work on 2 machines provided they are of the different types, or do I require a new license to install on my studio, or possibly unregister the PC and then once that is confirmed as deregistered, then install on the other machine? It's a real problem and I don't want to play games to try to figure it out.

A: One license key of VideoLightBox can be activated on maximum 2 computers. So, you can use the same license key on your Mac laptop and Windows desktop.