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Video Lightbox

Is there limit on number of videos in video streaming to website?

Jun 18, 2012

Q: I have been experimenting with the free version of VideoLightBox quite a bit but I seem to be having trouble with the number of videos I can produce at one sitting.
Sometimes its four and sometimes five or six, but never more than 9 or 10 at a time. It just refuses to rend any more videos all of a sudden. So, for most of my projects, I end up making several folders of varying numbers of videos, Then, I can't merge them to make one complete project. What I am trying to do is produce a video gallery consisting of about 25 videos per page. Have you got any solutions to this problem? Thanks.

A: Actually there is no limit to number of videos.
You can send us your project file (.yprj) and video files/links that you can't add, so we could check them.