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Video Lightbox

I could not get the title of the video to show in lightbox flash movie

Dec 02, 2011

Q: I tired your product with some videos....I could not get the title of the
video to show below the frame or the lightbox show..and I could not find
any please where I can add title for the video.
Please get back to me when you get a chance...

A: Unfortunately it is not possible to add captions to videos
in Video lightBox.

You can only add titles for thumbnails:

- Select the video.

- Click on the caption of the video and set the name you need.
See the attached screenshot.

- Open 'Customize thumbnails' tab, click to enable 'Thumbnails title' option.

- You should select 'graphic' mode for thumbnails template with titles
(e.g. Mac with titles, Polaroid, Round Frame, Sticky Notes and Vista with titles).
Use 'text' mode for other templates.