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Video Lightbox

Video quality in video player for website free

Feb 13, 2014

Q: The video quality using <keyw id=0/> and a YouTube Video looks fine from a PC, but lousy using a phone. (Galaxy S3)

On the phone it looks extremely low rez and pixelated, however if you click on the title in the lightbox frame you can watch it using a YouTube feed, and it looks great.

How do I keep it looking high quality in the original lightbox frame on a phone?
Thanks for your help.

A: VideoLightBox app. doesn't control quality of video by default. Actually, YouTube selects
video's quality automatically based on several conditions (quality of Internet connection,
video resolution, etc.). For example:
* quality "small" - resolution is smaller than 640x360;
* quality "medium" - minimal resolution is 640x360;
* quality "large" - minimal resolution is 854x480;
* quality "hd720" - minimal resolution is 1280x720.

You can set permanent quality settings in the Playback Setup menu: