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How to open index.html file in text editor while using free video gallery?

Jul 23, 2013

Q: Dear Support,

I have successfully been able to create a really nice looking slide show for my website, but I'm having difficulty inserting the code into my website. I want to insert the video gallery on the home page of my website but I can't however "open the generated index.html file in any text editor". I've been trying to open the index.html file using Microsoft Word (this is the only text editor I have, but Microsoft Word will not allow me to view the HTML source. Is there another way I can manually copy and paste the HTML code into my website?

A: You can try to open the index.html file using Notepad. For this purpose right click on
index.html file and choose Open with..->Notepad.

You can also open index.html via browser and add view-source: before the main address in
address bar. You will see the code of the page and after that you should copy the Visual
Slideshow code and paste it into your page.

You should also upload the "index_videolb folder" to your server.