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Video Lightbox

I am unable to "Add a video from URL" in video to my website. How can I fix this problem?

Jun 19, 2012

Q: I am unable to "Add a video from URL". I have tried adding YouTube and Vimeo URLs with no luck. Nothing shows up when I click add movie. I have tried with and without "www." and "http://". I am pretty tech savvy and have done the troubleshooting needed. Any ideas? I am using the VideoLightBox Free Mac Version.

I tried to add even examples from your application:
No success too.

I need to know something ASAP. If I am able to use this tool as I think I can, I will be purchasing the corporate license, but this hiccup is a deal breaker if I can't use URLs.

A: These videos were added successfully.

Possible reasons of problem:
* Problems with Internet connection on your side;
* Try to add VideoLightBox in the exception list of your firewall/antivirus. Possibly, it doesn't allow Internet connection for VideoLightBox.