Video Lightbox

Downloads and Licenses

Single Website
Unlimited Websites
Use on commercial sites No Yes Yes
Unbranded videos
Option to remove the VideoLightBox watermark and add your own logo to videos
No Yes Yes
Number of websites
Unlimited 1 Unlimited
1 year of customer support No Yes Yes
Free updates for 1 year No Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I use the free version of VideoLightBox on my website?

VideoLightBox is free for non-commercial websites. But if your site generates any type of income, e.g. sells products, ads, services or just represents a commercial company, you should get a commercial license.

 What is "auto-renewal" option at order page? Does this mean purchasing VideoLightBox requires a yearly license renewal?

The VideoLightBox Licenses include 1 year of free support and updates. If you select the "auto-renewal" option, your free support and update period will automatically renew at a discounted rate after a year. Leave the "auto-renewal" unchecked if you don't need it or plan to renew manually.

 What will happen with video galleries, which I have already added to my website when one year of free upgrades ends? Will they stop to work?

No, video galleries and VideoLightBox app will remain completely functional, but you’ll miss out on future product updates, and customer support.

 What is difference between Single Website and Unlimited Websites licenses?

With Single site license you are able to install video galleries, generated with VideoLightBox on any pages within your domain name. For example with the license key for you can setup videos on the following pages:

Unlimited Websites License allows you to install video galleries on an unlimited number of your own or your clients sites.

 I purchased a VideoLightBox license. How can I remove your logo from the videos?

You should go to tab 3. Customize video and uncheck "Watermark" option. Then re-generate your gallery and upload new files on your server.

 I haven't received a registration code after the purchase.

The registration info is sent to your email instantly after the purchase is complete. In most cases this missing email can be found in your spam folder. If you still couldn't find your license info, please contact us at Mail with your order number.

 I have PC and MacBook. Do I need to get the licenses for both?

No, one license key of VideoLightBox can be activated on maximum 2 computers. So, you can use the same license key on your Mac laptop and Windows desktop.

 I get "Invalid key" error message when try to register.

Probably your antivirus/firewall/proxy doesn't allow Internet connection for VideoLightBox or you have exceeded the maximum number of key activations. Please contact us at Mail for further instructions.

 We are non-profit organization. We want to have videos without your logo. How we can do it?

It's possible to remove our watermark with purchased version only. Please contact us at Mail for non-profit discount.

 I have just downloaded VideoLightBox for Windows. It was installed fine, however it will not launch at all.

Try to do the following:

Control panel -> System -> Advanced system settings -> (Performance) Settings -> Data Execution Prevention.

Turn off DEP or add VideoLightBox in the exception list.