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Video Lightbox

Name of video doesn't displayed completely at the thumbnail of html video player

Jul 19, 2012

Q: I have used your VideoLightbox to place a number of movies on my web site. I would like to be able to identify the clip somehow. I am currently using a thumbnail titles (graphic mode). Some names of video files are too long and couldn't be displayed at the thumbnail completely.
For example: "How to Add Video to Your Website with Video LightBox .com" become "How to Add Video to...". I really need video titles be displayed completely.
I can rename local video files. But how can I fix this problem with videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other hostings?

A: You can use "text" mode for thumbnail titles. Long captions will be divided into several rows automatically in this case.
If you want use "graphic" mode, you can rename your video in the following way:
select the video, click on the caption of the video and set the name you need.
See the screenshort below: