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Video Lightbox

Please give me some guidance about resolutions to work on various devices when using free flash video gallery

Oct 08, 2012

Q: I have a question. It would help if the software gave some guidance as to what video resolutions are supported by different devices. For example, iMovie wants to default to a 960x540 size that is really good at balancing file size and resolution, but it does not play on my iPhone or iPad at all. I could do 720p, but the file size is adverse. Going down to 640x480 hurts visual appearance of text.
Any advice on resolutions to work on various devices when using Video Lightbox would be appreciated.

A: Maximal video resolution for iPhone and Android smartphones is 640x480px.
Maximal video resolution for iPad and most of the other tablets is 1024x768px.

Actually, it's not a problem of VideoLightBox. It's a technical restriction of devices.
The same rule is for any other video, not for VideoLightBox only.