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Video Lightbox

"Publish" button is gray out in flash video player template

Oct 18, 2013

Q: I just purchased a single website license of Video Lightbox and is having trouble publishing a gallery.

I'm using Window 7 Professional and Video LightBox 2.5

The first time I open the software, I entered the license key and it's showing I have a single website license on the top bar. I added the videos and went to "Publish", "Insert to page", and located my local html file on my computer and was able to click "Publish", select where I want to insert the gallery.

After a few modifications I finished the gallery, I saved it and open a new gallery to add videos in different category and attempted to insert it in the same html file, underneath the first gallery I inserted.

But now, the "Publish" button us gray out and I'm not allow to click on it. Regardless I changed the publishing method, location, to a different html pages, it wouldn't allow me to Publish anymore. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the software but no success. Please help.

A: This problem appears when you save your project file with checked "Insert to page" option at "4. Publish" tab. To fix it, you should select any other publishing method and save your project file. After that re-open the project file and problem will be fixed. Our developer team will fix this bug in the next version. Sorry for inconvenience.