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Video Lightbox

Can YouTube videos play HD quality by default in youtube video to website?

Jun 20, 2012

Q: I've been using VideoLightBox for a while to embed YouTube videos. It has always been working fine, and displaying the video in HD.

Just today, i noticed that VideoLightBox is now showing YouTube videos in SD by default for some reason. If I add the &hd=1 flag to the code, it still doesn't show in HD.

I have not changed anything either on my site or on YouTube. What could be causing this and what can i do to force HD to play by default? thanks.

A: VideoLightBox app. doesn't control quality of video by default. Actually, YouTube selects video's quality automatically based on several conditions (quality of Internet connection, video resolution, etc.). For example:
* quality "small" - resolution is smaller than 640x360;
* quality "medium" - minimal resolution is 640x360;
* quality "large" - minimal resolution is 854x480;
* quality "hd720" - minimal resolution is 1280x720.

You can set permanent quality settings in the Playback Setup menu: