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Video Lightbox

Youtube video player for website is broken on Google Nexus 7

Sep 10, 2012

Q: We have a SERIOUS problem... in the latest version of Android, in google's latest product Nexus 7, it totally does not work.

When I was demo'ing this for a client, it appears as a add-in request icon, not a video.

And completely ignores mouse instructions (the mouse passes through your video and is only recognized by the object underneath.

And video doesn't launch :(

I hope You fix this right away, and email me necessary updates please? :)

We cannot expect or depend on users to add add-ins as most users wouldn't want to or know how and makes my website look unprofessional.

A: VideoLightBox since v.2.1 works on portable devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) with local .mp4 and YouTube videos.
You use .flv files. This is flash format. Of course, it'll not play on non-flash devices.
Please use correct video files.