Beauty AMP and Website Templates Free Download Review

The world is changing drastically – everything has gone mobile, and the web is also continually evolving at a higher rate. And as Internet marketers, merely investing in mobile optimizations won’t fetch you the best SEO rankings, and the best way to stay on the trend is ‘setting the trend’ first. How do you achieve that? Well, the best technique is investing more time in AMP. According to research, most consumers spend most of their time on mobile devices and laptop or computers– whether it is browsing, making purchases, reading the news, sharing on social media – that is why you will find most businesses developing websites with website builder software which are mobile-responsive and also investing their time developing custom apps.

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This makes it possible for the Internet users to work on various devices which they are mostly using as their main form of the Internet as well as digital media consumption. Nonetheless, AMP or simply Accelerated Mobile Pages is the mysterious new technology trend which allows the consumers to have the best mobile web experiences.

What is AMP?

But what is AMP? The AMP is a short form of Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP is an open sourced project which offers a simple way to build web pages which are smooth, compelling, and load almost instantaneously for the internet users. AMP was started as a Google and Twitter project, and by now, most organizations have rolled out the AMP websites to help their sites load faster on mobile devices like cell phones. Additionally, the AMP is Google’s response to Facebook’s immediate articles that provided media companies an exceptional platform to have their blog posts read very quickly without the reader leaving Facebook.

Early 2016, Google publicly integrated its mobile-search results with the AMP listings. When browsing nowadays, you could find some pages utilizing AMP with the AMP coding appearing within unique places in search results or with the unique “AMP” designation. Moreover, the AMP uses the open-source framework, which means that it can be utilized by an entire host of other firms to serve content which has been created using the AMP HTML.

website templates free download

The AMP typically comprises of three primary parts, which include the AMP HTML (a subscript of HTML), the AMP JS (the JavaScript outline for the mobile pages), and the AMP DCN (which is an optional content delivery network). However, you will need to have some knowledge about these three categories and also some coding skills if you need to develop AMP-based pages – but if you lack any special skills and you would not want to waste any time learning how to code, there are numerous automatic applications which you can utilize to create an AMP site manually. And one of these reliable applications is Mobirise AMP Page Builder.

Mobirise as AMP Website Builder

Mobirise, generally, is a free, offline application for both Windows and Macs, which allows you to quickly and effectively create small sites, online portfolios and resumes, landing pages, promo platforms for events, apps, as well as products and services. Furthermore, Mobirise is an excellent option for customers with small projects. Besides that, it was uniquely designed for entrepreneurs or business owners who lack any unique skills about the web development, as well as inventors who would like to work whenever visually, without having to fight with the code.

website templates free download

Additionally, creating an AMP website with Mobirise is incredibly simple and straightforward. You have to drop-site various elements to your web page, add unique and quality content, and format it to appear the way you desire.

Benefits of MobiriseAMP Website Builder

Here are some benefits of MobiriseAMP website builder you will enjoy:

  • Boost your ranking – sites which are created using Mobirise tends to be 100-percent mobile-friendly, according to the Google test. Therefore, for those who would want to try the latest Google AMP pages, then the Mobirise AMP websites builder is the way to go.
  • Trendy website blocks – Mobirise allows the user to select from a broad assortment of modern pre-made blocks, which includes content, parallax scrolling, slider, sticky header, full screen, video backgrounds, and much more.
  • Responsive website – With Mobirise, you can create responsively, SEO-friendly, simple and straightforward, and customizable website for your business.

BeautyAMP AMP website templates free download

The Beauty AMP Website Example is an extreme AMP Website website templates free download that’s perfect for making mobile-ready pages for beauty studios, tattoo salons, massage parlors, barber shops, and gyms. It features numerous blocks which include menus, headers, carousels and sliders, video and images, features, teams, articles, social, info, tables and maps, testimonials and forms, as well as footers.

AMP Themes

Mobirise AMP website builder comes with three top-most AMP themes:

  • BlackAMP Theme – it is an extended AMP theme with more than 70 AMP blocks including headers, sliders, videos and images, features, articles, teams, toggles and tabs, testimonials, info and social blocks, forms, maps, and footers. In addition, it is available in abundant languages, hence making it more user-friendly.
  • AMP Page Builder
  • EventAMP Theme – this AMP website templates free download is an excellent opportunity for those who have a festival, meetings conference, presentation, and other types of special events they would like to promote. Some of its blocks consist of headers, features, tabs, images and info, sliders, forms and maps, articles, timelines, and tables, social, as well as footers.
  • LightAMP Theme – It features large set of over 100 stunning AMP website blocks comprising parallax background, animated bg text, progress bars, Facebook comments, toggles, sliders, accordions, lightboxes, tables, timelines, and media blocks. The Light AMP Website Example is compatible with other Mobirise AMP themes. It also comes included with a dance school, interior design, and riding school demo AMP themes and templates.

Website blocks

Mobirise AMP website builder provides an enormous assortment of website blocks in various themes – and the best thing about these blocks is that not only are they pre-made, but they are also incredibly flexible. With this AMP Website Example, it is undoubtedly easy to develop AMP pages; you just need to create as you would usually do using free AMP themes as well as the predefined blocks within Blocks Palettes.

You will find them quite identical compared to other Mobirise themes. Besides that, the website blocks come with modern features which allows you to make an outstanding presentation of your content, create powerful introductions with calls to action, embrace testimonials, galleries, and videos from Vimeo and YouTube – just like regular projects of the Mobirise AMP website templates free download.

Available Features

MobiriseAMP website builder comes loaded with lots of impressive features which include:

  • Image and content slider – Create responsive, touch-swipe slideshows. Also lets you insert text, images, buttons to the sliders, set auto-play, full-screen, complete-width, or even boxed layout.
  • Contact forms – it allows you to add the contact form as well as the subscribe form, without having to think about the server integration. You just link your email address to the form, and you will receive submissions instantaneously.
  • Image gallery – with this function, you can display your photos in the masonry image gallery in a responsive grid which is mobile-optimized.
  • Mobile menu – if features a horizontal navigation menu which collapses on devices onto a single icon mobile menu, hence allowing your visitors to have the best mobile experience.
  • Google maps – this function allows your clients to find their way to the location of your company. All you need to do is drop the Google map block and then type your business address.
  • Social buttons – “Follow US” and “Share This Page” functions allow you to grow your visitors and enhance your social-media engagement.
  • Video background – videos tend to be an impeccable addition to any site, and this feature lets you bring your website to life and also develop an immediate connection with the ambient background videos.

amp article components and templates

Pros and Cons

The advantages of Mobirise as AMP Website Builder include:

  • The product is super mobile-friendly.
  • The Mobirise AMP offers higher ranking – making pages with AMP alternatives display higher in the search.
  • It is lightning fast, which makes extremely convenient and practical.
  • The product features an excellent design that is exceptionally easy-to-use and features a whole bunch of customization options.
  • The pages created with the AMP Builder are entirely responsive.
  • It is incredibly budget-friendly.

Although the Mobirise AMP Website Builder doesn’t seem to have so many disadvantages, some of its cons are as follows:

  • It might not appear the way you would expect.
  • It might not have the functionality which you need for your website.


Mobirise is one the of the best AMP website builders available on the market today. This application comes loaded with lots of amazing features and blocks which will make your site to be highly responsive, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly. Undoubtedly, it features incredible themes such as LightAmp them.

And due to its simplicity, the Mobirise AMP Website Builder is an excellent option for small organizations, which would like to take their industry to the next level. Overall, the Mobirise option is the best investment for sole entrepreneurs who would like to customize their sites, but cannot afford to pay web developers to create and run their business site.

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