Bootstrap AMP Template Review

In today’s digital world where everyone is connected through the internet, every business needs a functional and user-friendly website that can be used to showcase their services or products and also get in touch with their existing and potential clients. To make a website to be easily accessible to the visitors, there are many things that a developer must consider, and using AMP (as a Bootstrap AMP Template, for example) is one of those things.

What really are accelerated mobile pages (AMP)? How do they make a website to be more accessible to visitors?

Simply put, accelerated mobile pages can be referred to as series of limitations and guidelines that provide the best codes and structures which ensure that some parts of a web page can be viewed even when other parts of the same web page are still processing. Based on the way AMP help a web page, they ensure that websites they are designed with load faster and smoother than others, and users do not have to wait for an eternity before they start reading or viewing the contents on the webpage. With this, visitors get more satisfaction and a better user experience when they visit the AMP-powered website.

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Mobirise as an AMP website builder

Although there are a number of AMP website builders, Mobirise stands out as one of the favorites of many individuals due to the unique benefits it offers. The major essence of using Mobirise AMP website builder is to help you accelerate the loading of your website so that your visitors can get faster and more effective access to your web contents. Whether for personal or commercial use, you can take advantage of Mobirise AMP website builder to set up your website.

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Nowadays, mobile devices with internet access are more readily available to many people around the world, and these devices are used in browsing through several websites and buying several services and products. Therefore, it is important that every website is mobile-friendly with the ability to load fast. This is where Mobirise AMP website builder comes in as it helps in building websites that can be easily and quickly accessed through mobile devices.

Even in situations where the mobile internet connection is not fast, Mobirise AMP website builder allows the visitor to have a better user experience as a part of a webpage can be first viewed while other parts are still loading. Also, Mobirise AMP website builder is generally responsive, easy-to-use, SEO-friendly, and customizable. Apart from its top-notch functionality, Mobirise AMP website builder does not lack aesthetics. It has different beautiful AMP themes and templates that are suitable for various purposes depending on the needs of the users.

AMP Themes

AMP themes are various default themes that have been created for users to easily customize their website to suit their tastes and needs. The themes usually have great, ready-made designs with modern features will help users display their services or products with ease. Each of these themes also has amazing and highly functional AMP components.

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The following are some of the topmost themes of Mobirise AMP website builder:

  • BlackAMP Theme This is an amazing free Bootstrap template that comes with more than 7O blocks such as features, headers, icons, forms, images & videos, teams, testimonials, sliders, info & social, toggles & tabs, and footers. It is available in several languages including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Bulgarian.
  • EventAMP Theme If you have a presentation, festival, meetings conference or any other kinds of events you want to promote with the aid of a website, EventAMP theme is the theme you should choose for designing the website. Its blocks include headers, tabs, features, images & info, sliders, forms & maps, article, timelines, tables, social, and footers.

LightAMP Theme

LightAMP theme is an amazing Bootstrap AMP Template that can be used with many other Mobirise AMP themes. It is basically designed for small businesses that need a responsive and user-friendly website to display the service they provide. From dance school to interior design business and riding school, the LightAMP theme can be used for a wide range of business websites as it provides the right platform for showcasing their services or products.

Website blocks

For optimal functions, the LightAMP theme has several website blocks that can be easily tailored to the preference, theme or need of any business. These blocks include:

  • Menus
  • Features
  • Headers
  • Content
  • Image & videos
  • Toggles & accordions
  • Carousels & sliders
  • Lightbox images
  • Contacts & social
  • Tables
  • Pricing tables
  • Forms
  • Progress bars & timeline
  • Testimonials
  • Maps
  • Footers

Pros and Cons


  • Though there are optional paid modules, this is a free Bootstrap AMP Template that can be used to set up your business or personal website.
  • There are so many blocks and fantastic features available through this AMP that you can use.
  • It is a simple and easy-to-use website builder theme that anybody can use. You do not need to have previous knowledge of website design to use this software, so even newbies can use it.
  • The themes are highly responsive as well as user- and mobile-friendly.

Mobirise themes and templates


  • Although the Bootstrap AMP Template can be customized to suit your taste, the design will look similar to other websites created with this Bootstrap AMP Template. This is as a result of the blocks of the Bootstrap AMP Template that cannot be changed.
  • To enjoy some of the benefits of the theme, you have to pay for some modules. Without these paid modules, there are certain functions that you may not be able to enjoy.


Considering the designs and functionality of LightAMP theme, it is undoubtedly a topnotch Mobirise AMP theme for riding schools, dancing schools, interior design businesses and other small businesses offering similar services. Like other Mobirise themes, it offers amazing blocks and features that will make your website to be user-friendly, responsive and mobile-friendly.

Since Mobirise website builder is often updated from time to time, the LightAMP theme will offer the latest features your website needs for optimal functionality.

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